Teens unwittingly steal oregano after smashing van into pot dispensary

Published: Sep. 26, 2018 at 6:26 AM MDT
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A group of teens smashed a van through the storefront of a Colorado Springs pot dispensary and stole a number of items on display inside.

But it's the owner of Native Roots who gets the last laugh.

The owner told 11 News they don't put the real deal in the items up for display.

Though the teens didn't get away with what they thought, they still left a mess for employees at the Academy Boulevard and Austin Bluffs Parkway shop to clean up.

"[The van] went all the way through the front foyer of the business and inside," said Sgt. L.C. Morgan with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The smash and grab happened just after 1 a.m. in front of several witnesses.

"I was coming out from work, and all of a sudden we heard this big old crash," said Brent Wrathbone. "... [The suspects] came out with bunches of marijuana in their arms."

Wrathbone called police. He said the suspects showed their gratitude with a beer bottle flung his way.

"I decided just to call the cops and we decided to get their plate number and everything and then I get a beer bottle thrown at me," he told 11 News.

The van -- which police have since determined was stolen -- was left behind by the suspects, parked and still running, sitting well inside the store. Wrathbone and other witnesses told police they saw the group leave in a separate getaway car waiting on the other side of the dispensary. Officers believe there were two people in the van when it crashed into the store and two others in the getaway vehicle.

Native Roots is not the only place police believe the group hit overnight. Liquor store 3 Thirsty Goats, located just up the road, was burglarized around the same time. Officers tell 11 News they think some of the suspects broke into that store to cause a distraction while their accomplices drove into the dispensary.

The teens caused thousands of dollars in damage.

11 News has previously reported on a

involving Springs teens stealing vehicles, then driving them into businesses. While not stating if Wednesday morning's shenanigans were related, Morgan acknowledged the resemblance.

"There does appear to be a pattern with regards to similar crimes like this, not only with dispensaries but with other businesses as well."