2 seriously hurt after car crashes into west Springs pot dispensary

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 1:02 PM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - “It sounded like a bomb went off!”

Witnesses described a frightening scene near Old Colorado City after a red Prius pinballed through traffic, leaving a trail of damage in its wake.

Those who saw the incident said the Prius was speeding down West Colorado swerving in and out of traffic, then hit a car and took out a power box before slamming into a pot dispensary just past 31st Street.

Matthew Clark, who was behind the wheel of the car that was hit, told 11 News he suffered a concussion and whiplash.

“I look in the rearview mirror and this car slams into me and drags on the side of my car and keeps going, so I chased him down, trying to figure out why he is slamming into my car, and I watch them weave in between the road -- missing everything, miraculously -- and smashing into the building.”

One woman was inside that building, marijuana shop Garden of the Budz. She, too, was miraculously not hit -- a close call, as she told 11 News reporter Spencer Wilson she had been standing in the exact spot the car crashed only a minute or two earlier. Other than suffering a cut to her arm, she was unharmed.

“He rear-ended me full-on and then went into the side of my car, banked off of it, went into the other lane, swerved back, swerved again, basically just kept going between the lanes. He was probably doing about 100 miles per hour when he slammed into the building,” Clark said. “I’m really glad the girl in the shop is alright.”

The driver and passenger were trapped in the car.

Witnesses said the two people in the vehicle were unconscious for a couple of minutes. Lt. Jim Sokolik with the Colorado Springs Police Department said both were hurt, with at least one person suffering “significant” serious injuries.

Police are now trying to piece together what happened and whether a medical issue could have been involved.

“All we have is eyewitness statements saying they saw this vehicle at a high rate of speed in the 3500 block, three blocks away from the crash. If there is a medical component, that will absolutely be a part of this investigation as to what the cause was,” Sokolik said.

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