Fox euthanized after Springs woman takes it from the wild, tries raising it

“This was so unnecessary and sad for the fox and our officers."
Stock photo of a red fox.
Stock photo of a red fox.(Colorado Parks and Wildlife)
Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 12:41 PM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Colorado Parks and Wildlife is pleading with the public to stop picking up wildlife.

The latest example of how badly that can end comes from Colorado Springs, where a red fox was recently euthanized following two years of captivity.

According to wildlife officers, a Colorado Springs woman had been raising the fox for more than two years, since it was a kit. She drew the attention of CPW after creating an Instagram account for the animal with dozens of videos and photos showing the animal in her care.

“In her initial Instagram post, the woman claimed she had ‘rescued’ the fox,” Parks and Wildlife said. “Photos and videos show it in a dog collar, on a leash, eating human snacks and inside a chainlink fenced cage.”

This was not adopting a pet -- this was kidnapping, said Area Wildlife Manager Frank McGee.

“Wild animals belong in the wild. Period. People cannot take care of wildlife better than their parents. It is selfish and irresponsible to take these animals from the wild.”

Wildlife officers confiscated the fox but determined it would be unable to survive in the wild because of its years in captivity. They were forced to euthanize the animal.

“This was so unnecessary and sad for the fox and our officers,” McGee said. “If you see a wild animal, especially a baby animal, leave it alone. Call us if you believe it’s orphaned or abandoned and needs to be rescued. We’ll assess the situation and get it to a licensed rehab facility, if necessary.”

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