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School and Organization Closings and Delays

Last Updated: 02/18/2019 06:47 PM

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Colorado Institute of Massage TherapyClosing Early at 5:00PM Today: No Evening Student ClinicCO
Rocky Mountain PACEMorning Services Canceled: Morning service canceled on TuesdayCO

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23-JT Peyton SchoolsDelayed 2 hours Tuesday: No AM Preschool, No School of Excellence, No Career Start(AVP) CO
Banning Lewis Ranch AcademyDelayed 2 hours TuesdayCO
CIVA Charter High SchoolDelayed 2 hours TuesdayCO
Colorado Springs Early CollegesDelayed 2 hours TuesdayCO
D-11 Col SpringsDelayed 2 hours: Bus routes to run 2 hours lateCO
D-12 Cheyenne MtnAs ScheduledCO
D-14 Manitou SpringsAs ScheduledCO
D-2 HarrisonAs ScheduledCO
D-20 AcademyAs ScheduledCO
D-22 Ellicott SchoolsDelayed 2 hours Tuesday: No AM preschool. No PPCC, IBSA, BOCESCO
D-28 Hanover SchoolsDelayed 2 hours Tuesday: No AM preschool, no morning buses to PPCC. No buses to BOCES/CSDB in AMCO
D-3 WidefieldAs ScheduledCO
D-38 Lewis-PalmerAs ScheduledCO
D-49 FalconDelayed 2 hours: FHS will follow delay, no E-Learning Day. SSAE vitual learning dayCO
D-60 PuebloDelayed 2 hours: No AM preschoolCO
D-70 Pueblo CtyDelayed 2 hours: No AM preschool Feb. 19.CO
D-8 Fountain-Ft CarsonAs ScheduledCO
Falcon School Based Health CenterDelayed 2 hours TuesdayCO
Pikes Peak BOCESDelayed 2 hours Tuesday: and SOE 2-hour delayCO
Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary LearningDelayed 2 hours Tuesday: No AM kindergarten or preschoolCO
RE-2 Fremont/FlorenceDelayed 2 hours Tuesday: No AM preschoolCO
RE-2 Woodland PkAs ScheduledCO
St. John Neumann CatholicDelayed 2 hours TuesdayCO