Join 3-Time Emmy Award Winner Germain Kirk, a Digital Marketing Educator and Client Consultant with 20 years of marketing experience.

What types of marketing matter most for YOUR customer?

Which digital devices are YOUR customers using to make purchase decisions?

And what is the proper investment strategy for YOUR business growth?

Today we have more data on how people become customers than ever before. This data tells a story which allows us to define the path of how your future customer will make future purchase decisions. But as business owners, we rarely have the time or focus to efficiently mine that data for our own business benefit. Fortunately, that path has become well defined over the past decade and proved to power a new set of modern brands into household names. Find out how your business can tap into this knowledge of the consumer path to optimize your marketing investment and streamline your consumer goals.

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Why should you advertise with KKTV? 719-457-8217

KKTV specializes in developing unique, customizable advertising opportunities across multiple platforms to help local advertisers connect with and engage local customers. Understanding your businesses client or customer helps us develop marketing plans and track the effectiveness of the campaigns. These marketing solutions include but are not limited to: Broadcast television, Digital sub-channels, Hyper-local websites;, mobile and Community event sponsorships. KKTV offers the content that consumers use most from high-definition programming to one of the top local websites in Southern Colorado.

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Kerri Blanco
Director of Sales
Teresa Paul
Digital Sales Specialist
Colleen Andring
National Sales Manager
Christina Barrier
Digital Marketing Consultant
Sheri Bennett
Digital Marketing Consultant
Kristine Cordova
Digital Marketing Consultant
Lori Corcoran
Digital Marketing Consultant
Steve Garman
Digital Marketing Consultant
Cheryl Monford
Digital Marketing Consultant
Sara Petrie
Digital Marketing Consultant
Ari Flatt
National Sales Assistant
Maddie Garman
Media Traffic Coordinator
Sami Miller
Digital Sales Assistant
Becky Tomek
Programming Traffic Supervisor
Carolyn Weed
Sales Assistant
Kellee Shaffer
Digital Marketing Consultant

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