Radio station host says he has Tulowitzki's triple-play ball

DENVER (AP) -- Steffan Tubbs has no intention of holding the ball for ransom or auctioning it off on e-Bay.

The morning show co-host on Denver's K-O-A--A-M says he just wants to give it back to rightful owner -- Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (TOO'-loh-WITT'-skee).

Tubbs says he has the ball that Tulowitzki used to record baseball's 13th-ever unassisted triple play last Sunday. Tubbs was sitting behind the dugout at Coors Field when Rockies first baseman Todd Helton threw the ball into the stands, moments after the play.

The ball is now stored in a Ziplock bag at Tubbs' home.

Tubbs says he believes the ball belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame -- and that people who were sitting around him have offered to sign affidavits, verifying the ball's authenticity.

Tulowitzki's jersey and hat have already been sent to Cooperstown, New York -- home of baseball's Hall.

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