The role of the honeybee in our society

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Explore the honeybee’s life in a new interactive exhibit by the Buell Children’s Museum at Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center.

The exhibit is geared towards introducing patrons to the role of the honeybee in our society. The Buell will be teaching about honeybees’ stages of development, how they have impacted different cultures, as well as their place in our world today.

”What’s the Buzz?” is going to offer the community a great opportunity to step into the life and times of a honeybee and explore honeycomb panels in a hive, a giant garden, farmers’ markets, and a bee lab. The Buell Children’s Museum Communications Liaison, Danielle Todisco, is excited about what this new exhibit is bringing to the Buell.

”I’m really excited about the interactivity as well as the educational content that we’re going to be having in different sections of the museum. There’s going to be so much to do you’re not going to want to stop moving, learning, and playing,” Todisco said.

This new exhibit will showcase the vital role of the honeybee both globally and locally. Members of the Buell team are also excited to partner with local organizations like 4H and the Pueblo Zoo to help spread awareness for honeybees. The Director of the Buell Children’s Museum, Jerica Khosla, is looking forward to this renewed collaboration.

”In many ways, we are turning a new leaf at the Buell. We’re excited to usher in a new era of robust educational content, exhibit development, and interactive play. This exhibit will be the first of many feasts for the senses,” said Khosla.

The interactive exhibit, “What’s the Buzz? The Life of the Honeybee,” opens on January 17th and runs through May 13th. For more information visit