Hydrow Launches First Global Integrated Campaign: "Feel The Hydrow High"

The creative brings to life the unique feeling Hydrow delivers
Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 8:15 AM MDT

BOSTON, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydrow, the leading at-home connected rower that brings the on-water experience of rowing straight to your home, today launched "Feel the Hydrow high," a new global creative campaign that aims to build momentum for the brand while providing a snapshot into the whole health benefits and lifestyle that rowing delivers.

While other fitness brands focus on the act of working out, the Hydrow high campaign highlights the whole health benefits the Hydrow experience delivers including the endorphin rush, the potential for mental clarity, and the accomplishment of having rowed as part of a community. Hydrow's patented technology brings the outside world to the comfort of one's home, transporting users to breathtaking waterways around the world including London, Miami, Boston, Lucerne and more.

"Nothing quite compares to that special swing rowers feel when working together on the water, and it's something we've worked hard to recreate with Hydrow," said Bruce Smith, Founder & CEO of Hydrow. "This campaign captures that totally unique feeling of moving in perfect synchronicity across the water — it's so much more than just a workout; it really is the 'Hydrow high.'"

Starting now and continuing through the holiday season, the campaign features print and digital ads, OOH and the broadcast launch of a compelling anthem film championing the "Hydrow high" -- all amplified with social media posts from Hydrow celebrity members and brand ambassadors showcasing their own "Hydrow high" experience. In the UK, the campaign will extend across digital channels, OOH and on connected TV.

"We have continued to see growth across all key usage metrics month over month, which tells us that members are responding positively to our content and engaging with one another in our online communities," said Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, Hydrow Chief Commercial Officer. "As we head into an unprecedented holiday season, this is a critical moment in our brand strategy to excite our target audience with the prospect of a lifestyle choice that's so much more than exercise."

"Hydrow high" was developed by Mojo Supermarket for Hydrow.

"The first time I tried rowing on a Hydrow, I was like… dang. This thing makes me feel different… like life is more vibrant, food tastes better… somehow, I felt invincible. That is what we are trying to show people with this campaign," explained Mo Said, Chief Creative Officer at Mojo.

To learn more about Hydrow and experience the high, visit http://hydrow.com. View the creative on YouTube starting November 9.

About Hydrow
Hydrow is the leading at-home connected rower that leverages innovative technology to bring the on-water, outdoor experience of rowing to the home. Engineered by elite rowing experts, Hydrow recreates the feeling of rowing directly on the water via an algorithm-based, patented electromagnetic and computer-controlled drag mechanism. World-class athletes lead users through challenging rows that engage 86% of the body's major muscle groups, twice that of cycling or running, while the rower's On the Mat workouts, from yoga, to Pilates and strength training, complement users' rowing regimen. With the ability to harness the visual, auditory and emotional components of rowing, the connected fitness rower delivers a best-in-class, full body workout.

About Mojo Supermarket
Mojo Supermarket has added a number of high profile accounts over the past six months including Match, Truth Initiative® (the national public health organization behind the proven-effective truth® youth smoking, vaping and nicotine prevention campaign), Girls Who Code, Netflix, and others. The agency was named AdAge Agency to Watch 2020, and AdAge Standout Agency in 2021.

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