FULL TRANSCRIPT: Dispatch Tapes During Centennial Boulevard Shootings, Standoff

Unedited transcript of law enforcement dispatch tapes during the Centennial Boulevard shootings:

12:09 p.m. -12:39 p.m.(Shots Fired)

"We got shots fired coming out of Planned Parenthood, get another cruiser up here for cover!"

"We have an officer that's been shot outside that needs help."

"Nobody else in the cruiser. Come down here right now by Planned Parenthood. I cannot locate the shooter, it looks like he may be on the hillside or in a wooded area."

"He is in the Planned Parenthood building firing through the windows."

"He's got propane tanks set up in the parking lot on the south side of Planned Parenthood. He hit one of them and it started spraying."

"Start loading the Bearcat, we got one officer down behind that building to the south. He's not moving."

"We have another officer down by the dumpster."

"It's the blue bench with the window right above is where we last took fire. It's a UCCS officer we're trying to get."

"He just took a shot at one of our individuals down here."

"If you guys are in front of the strip mall you are in the line of fire, get in the building and out of the way."

"Locking down all the businesses."

"I think we may be able to extract those victims through the north door of 3470. We have officers there with some shields."

"White male, 40s, long gray or black coat with either a hat with flaps or a hood with fur."

3:08 p.m.– 3:38 p.m.(Shooting at police through wall)

"He's still contained to that area...shooting at us through the wall."

"To the west of where he's posted, through the wall we possibly have people in there. We've told people to lay flat on the floor, but we're not sure the message is getting out to everybody so be aware."

"We can still see the barrel of the gun. It looks up and ready."

"On the rooftops of the building north...we have two county snipers." "Copy."
"Some doors were locked."

"He should not be able to get in that reception room so right now he's just sitting at that end of the hallway waiting for some action."

03:38 p.m. – 4:08 p.m.(Taking count of hostages)

"They already scoped those two civilians up and took them. We're going to need somebody else to transport these next two."

"Locked herself in a file room."

"She is lying on the floor in the south west corner of the filing room. The filing room is just through that wall to the west of the suspects location."

"Okay we're working on some plans, I'll call you as soon as we get access. Working on a plan to try to get her out of that room."

"We have at least six more standing by for the Bearcat."

"We had two out of that southwest room and two out of ultrasound room 3, excuse me, three out of ultrasound room 3.

"Taking several non-injured to the VA."

"They're probably going to put them into the ambulance as well and they're going to be transported to the VA unless they're injured."

"At the end of that hallway where our suspect is supposed to be, I've been advised there are two people in that last room."

"Trying to come up with a plan."

"What about if we brought that Bearcat in the same way? Now that you got a photo, continue straight through that door and block that hallway. We'd have him pinned in that corner."

"We got two teams in that north-south hallway in the central of the building, one on the very south side and one centrally located just to the north of the door that he's at."

"We're going to try to cut through the drywall to communicate with any possible people inside so we're not close to that window the suspect is."

4:07 p.m. – 4:37 p.m.(Clearing the Building)

"We're out west of the north-south hallway in the central of the building, our only concern is that it's closer to that window to the hallway that he's in."

"He is on the far west end of that hallway, still working on an eye and he's moving in another eastward hallway."

"OK, I'll let you know when we're moving, give us about 15 seconds."

"Just so we're all on the same page, I believe there is still a victim accessible on the east-west hallway on the western half of the building that the suspect could have access to."

Bearcat is in position, ready to go.... position confirmed, everybody is away from the northwest corner where our rounds are going to go."

"We have numerous people on the second floor. They are secure, not sure and I saw one officer going up to the third floor."

4:37 p.m. – 5:07 p.m.(shooter surrender)

"We got no movement on him yet, he's down in the corner and we know that he's there. He's standing up! He's standing up! Can you advise he has his hands clear."

"He's standing up, he's right in front of that doorway, a quick move to the doorway now he's walking towards the hallway."

"We have eyes on him, he is coming towards the front of the business on the south side."

"We have the snipers."

"We have one suspect detained right now."

"He says he's alone."

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