Woman Speaks Out About Surveillance Video And CSPD Officer's Actions

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Alexis Acker doesn't remember everything about being slammed to a hospital floor, but the surveillance video is a vivid reminder.

“My reaction was like [gasps] 'Oh my God -- that's really what happened,” Acker said.

Since the incident, Acker has had dental work and she has some lingering neck and back injuries. She says it’s changed her life.

"How I feel about society, and cops, um, I don't know,” Acker said.

Acker says she had been drinking in November 2013 when police showed up and arrested her boyfriend at a home in Colorado Springs. She says she did say some awful things to Officer Tyler Walker, and to a sergeant, and even kicked out at them -- but she says what Walker did when they got to the hospital, on camera was way too much.

11 News anchor Don Ward asked Acker if she thinks what Officer Walker did to her was police brutality.

“Yes,” Acker said.

Don Ward: "He says you kicked him and connected, just above the groin. Is that how you see it?”

Alexis Acker: “I don't recall connecting. I don't think I connected with him."

Ward: "There are some people out there who support Officer Walker, and they say, if you kick a police officer, you can expect some retaliation. What do you say to them?”

“Let it be your daughter,” Acker responded.