Woman Pleads No Contest To Child Abuse Charges After Foster Son Nearly Drowns In Hot Tub


A Springs woman pleaded "no contest" to charges of child abuse after a 5-year-old under her care got into a hot tub unsupervised and nearly drowned.

Jayden Huller was found facedown in a hot tub at the Grand Lodge in Breckenridge last October while his foster family was there on vacation. He was comatose after the accident; family members told 11 News in February that the little boy suffered brain damage. An attorney said Thursday that Jayden remains "incapacitated" and bed-ridden.

Jayden's foster mom, Bianca Krakofsky, was sentenced Thursday to 120 hours of community service and given a two-year deferred judgment with supervised probation.

The foster agency told 11 News it was a tragic accident.

“They were getting out of the pool, Mom checked to make sure everyone got out of the pool. They were heading to the picnic table to eat sandwiches. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Jayden was missing,” Director of Hope and Home Ross White said.

Authorities said Jayden's brother was the one who found him.

At the time of the near-drowning, the Krakofskys were planning to adopt Jayden and his brother, who were reportedly in foster care because of problems their biological parents had in the past. It's not clear who currently has custody of Jayden.