White Supremacy Fliers Found On Fort Carson

Multiple fliers from an apparent white supremacist group have showed up inside Fort Carson.

The fliers have the Northwest Front organization's name on them along with some racist messages.

According to the Northwest Front website, the organization plans to create what they call an "independent and sovereign White nation" in the Pacific Northwest.

The flier from the group suggests that all white people should separate from America.

More information from the website claims the organization wants to preserve the white race from quote "biological and cultural extinction."

One of the fliers found at Fort Carson said:

"The time has come for the creation of a clean, free, all-White nation in the Pacific Northwest. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

11 News asked folks who live around the Mountain Post what they think.

"Being a veteran, I think it's absolutely ridiculous stuff, like that shouldn't be on post," said Deanna Debrunner.

"It's real sad, we all live in one spot under God and love each other, it makes me sick," said Tamie Powells.

The fliers have been given to Fort Carson authorities, who are now investigating the matter.

11 News spoke to an organizer with the Northwest Front. He said the fliers were not part of an official move by the group, but may be the work of one of their supporters.