Wanted Fugitive Lacy Johnson Arrested

Credit: CSPD
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A woman at the center of an 11 Call For Action investigation was in court Wednesday after more than a year on the run.

Lacy Johnson, 33, is accused of scamming money from victims in California. Wednesday, she told a judge she won't fight extradition.

We first told you about Johnson in May of 2012 after getting phone calls from people in Los Angeles, Calif. accusing her of ripping them of for thousands of dollars. They contacted me after learning she was living in here in Colorado Springs.

The people Johnson allegedly scammed even created a website to warn others not to believe her lies--and not to give her cash.

I talked to authorities in LA, who confirmed Johnson is wanted on three felony warrants: identity theft, grand theft and burglary.

After Johnson appeared on our radar screen, we learned she was operating a website called Care Package Bears. It was reportedly created to pass on supplies to U.S. soldiers, but our research shows it wasn't a registered or recognized non-profit at all in Colorado.

Folks I talked to in California accuse Johnson of posting fliers and lying that she had cancer--when she didn't. They say once she collected cash, she'd take off.

We caught up with her a year ago in Colorado Springs with the help of bail bondsman Bobby Brown.

"I'm hearing from police officers and I'm hearing from people in California to Colorado that you've taken money from them and you've lied to them.

"Have you lied to all these people? Did you tell them you had cancer?"

She never answered.

Because Brown didn't have the felony arrest papers out of Los Angeles in his hands, he couldn't arrest Johnson that day.

Local private investigator Joe Divido tells me he learned Johnson has been in Colorado Springs ever since, living at a rental off Monument Street in downtown Colorado Springs.

He confronted her Monday morning after an alleged victim hired him.

Los Angeles investigators tell me they've talked to more than 50 of Johnson's victims, who have swindled them out of upwards of $200,000.

One alleged victim told me it's great news hearing that Johnson's been caught, and that it's been a long time coming.

The judge told Johnson California authorities will pick her up to face charges in Los Angeles in 10 days.