Video: Surviving Active Shooting Spree

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Our terrifying attack in Colorado Springs have so many thinking about what they would do in an active shooter situation.

A recent video produced by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) suggests things we can all do to try and stay safe during such an attack. Some of the video is graphic.

Three people were killed and nine others victims were shot at Planned Parenthood Friday.

In the LASD video, they say the best way to stay safe is to think in advance about how to respond.

Narrator: "Killers usually choose their victims at random. They look for easy targets. So the harder you are to see, or to hit, the safer you are.”

They say while the odds of being involved in a situation like we experienced Friday are slim, making a plan can make all the difference.

Narrator: "When an attack starts, if you can find a way out of the location, do so."

If the shooter is inside a building, they suggest finding an exit, any exit, including emergency exits or windows.

While sheltering in place, turn off the lights, stay hidden and silence cell phones.

During the shooting spree at Planned Parenthood, 300 people in the area were forced to lockdown in neighboring businesses. Twenty-four people were trapped in the Planned Parenthood building.

The video was released earlier this year, but LASD told us it was the Aurora theater shooting that prompted them to first start making the video.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's office also told 11 News that ever since Columbine, law enforcement have been forced to evolve their training because of the situations they're thrown into. They said it's important to evolve the way they train and inform the public as well.

If you want to watch the entire video, click the link on the side of this article.

Keep in mind, it's a video you may not want to watch with your kids because of its graphic nature.