UPDATE: Bomb Mailed From Yemen Defused With Just Minutes To Spare

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One of the bombs sent in the mail from Yemen last week was defused in the nick of time.

French officials announced Thursday that one of the two mail bombs sent in UPS cargo planes was defused just 17 minutes before it was set to explode. CBS News reports that a counter-terrorism source confirmed that the bomb in question was the one found on a plane at East Midlands airport in England. U.S. and Britain officials have declined to comment. The bomb found at the East Midlands airport went unnoticed for several hours.

When investigators pulled the Chicago-bound packages off cargo planes on Friday, bombs were found wired to cell phones and hidden in toner cartridges of computer printers. U.S. officials said that the communication cards had been removed, and the phones could not receive calls, making it likely the terrorists intended the alarm or timer functions on the phone to detonate the bombs.

The packages were addressed to two Chicago-area synagogues, but because the addresses were out of date and names on the package had Crusade references--a 200 year war waged by Christians--officials do not believe the synagogues were the actual target.

Officials are still trying to track down the suspect responsible for mailing the bombs.

This undated photo released by the Dubai Police reportedly shows a computer printer and other contents og a package found onboard a cargo plane coming from Yemen, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (AP Photo/Dubai Police)