Two Recent Dog Attacks In El Paso County

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We're asking about a couple of recent attacks that left dogs dead. We checked with the humane society about these dog attacks. Only on 11 News, we have the stories from the dog owners involved.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) said they deal with trouble from all kinds of breeds. They take in 24,000 animals a year and most of the stray dogs they get, are pit bulls.

Susan Patterson was walking her two dachshunds near Cheyenne Mountain Elementary School when large dog started running toward them. Patterson had one dog in her arms, and 17-year-old Sammy at her feet. That large dog, a pit bull, attacked and killed Sammy.

"Sammy was just getting tossed around and mangled and there was nothing I could do, and it was a helpless feeling," Patterson said.

She said the pit bull’s owner was very remorseful and told her he had just adopted the dog from the humane society a few weeks ago.

The dog was apparently off leash playing fetch, and started to chase a deer. The deer got away and the dog started to go after Patterson and her dogs.

In a separate incident over the weekend, Dan Hayman said he was forced to shoot three pit bulls in his own garage. We have the surveillance video, and in it, you can hear them go after his two German shepherds.

"Once I heard that noise, I knew I probably needed my gun out," Hayman said.

He said three dogs chewed through his fence, then got inside his garage through a doggie door, then attacked.

"If they're trying to kill a member of my family, like my dogs, I’m going to take care of business," Hayman said.

The humane society said, pit bulls are a popular breed in El Paso County, but it's the owners' responsibility to keep their dog and the safety of other dogs in mind.

"Families, again, you want to keep your dog safe. That's your job as a responsible pet owner you want to make sure you keep your dogs on a leash when you’re walking them and that they have proper vaccines and licensing," HSPPR president and CEO Jan McHugh-Smith said.

The HHSPR said about a third of the pit bull and pit bull mixes they get, can’t be put up for adoption and end up being euthanized.

The humane society says the pit bull that attacked Patterson’s dog will be put down.

The three dogs in the other attack were never claimed by their owner.