Two Injured In Accident At Popular Shooting Range

A woman is expected to make a full recovery from an accident Saturday at a popular shooting range.

A spokesperson from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the woman was hurt when a bullet ricocheted and hit her in the knee.

She was apparently on the pistol range at the Dragonman's facility in eastern El Paso County.

Witnesses told 11 News it was an accident. According to those nearby, the woman was reloading her gun when it misfired and hit a trash can. The shot then ricocheted and hit the woman, causing a minor injury.

"I’ve seen a lot of injuries before so it was nothing new to me,” said Brian Torczynski, certified by the Red Cross to provide emergency assistance. “The wound wasn't terrible; it just looked like it just grazed her leg, not a whole lot of blood."

Moments after the accident a ceasefire was called at the range and safety measures went into place. Another woman was slightly hurt at the time of the accident. Specifics of her injury were not provided.

The range re-opened a few hours after the incident.