Talking To Kids About Safety Emergencies

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In the wake of the kidnapping in Aurora, it's a good reminder to talk to our kids about all types of dangerous situations they may face. Starting that conversation can be tricky.

11 News talked to Jan Isaacs Henry is the executive director of Kidpower of Colorado about how parents could approach their kids and what needs to be said.

"They need to be talking in a way that isn't scary," Henry said.

She knows seeing and hearing things about the kidnapping in Aurora can make kids nervou, but helping them understand the power they have can settle some of those fears.

"Parents need to give their kids permission to use their voices to yell really loudly in a safety emergency so the whole world can hear and they can get help," Henry said.

She points out, what happened in Aurora and the incident in Colorado Springs during Halloween, when a child ran for help when her family was held at gunpoint, is not common.

"They need to reassure their kids that this is a really unusual situation but at the same time, be giving their kids very concrete skills so they know how to get help," Henry recommended.

She said parents don't have to bring up these particular stories, but they should address any questions kids may have about what they've heard.

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