Suspect In Elderly Woman's Murder To Stand Trial

Marcus Smith

It was a murder that rocked the Springs community: the charred remains of an elderly woman found near a popular trailhead, body so badly burned it took two days to finally identify the victim by her denture plate.

It was a grisly, tragic end to the life of a woman remembered fondly by many as an exemplary member of the community: an on-the-go businesswoman, loving grandmother, a religious woman who lived life to the fullest at a time when others her age are slowing down.

Friday, a judge decided that 21-year-old Marcus Allen Smith will stand trial for the murder of Kathryn "Kit" Grazioli, 87.

Grazioli's remains were found by the Captain Jack's trailhead near Lower Gold Camp Road Nov. 23 of last year. Firefighters were called to the scene on reports of a fire, not realizing until arriving that they had stumbled upon a murder victim set on fire.

Smith was later linked to the murder after police say fingerprints on an exterior window of Grazioli's home on Samuel Point were identified as his. Smith's fingerprints were also found on Grazioli's vehicle, which had been left on Westmeadow Drive, two blocks from her home. Smith has a lengthy rap sheet with at least 15 arrests, making it easy for police to put things together after finding his fingerprints.

Smith was seen walking less than a mile from Grazioli's home two days after her murder, and was arrested. He continues to be held in the CJC without bond. His next court date is August 2.