Students' Lunches Thrown Away

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An angry Colorado Springs mother contacted 11 News after her children told her they had to throw their school lunches away.

Her children were instead given a cheese stick and a muffin in place of the school lunch.

According to Veilkus Mcleod, this was because there was no more money in her children's lunch accounts at Eagleview Middle School. But she says she was never notified prior to the incident that this was the case.

The school tells us they have a special account called the Principal Account set up for incidents like this one, when students don't have any money. But students are not allowed to borrow from it during the last few weeks of school.

A District 20 spokesperson said an e-mail alert was sent to parents last week to notify them that the special account was shutting down for the year.

Mcleod said that's an e-mail she never received--and that the embarrassment her children went through was unnecessary. Her son says a janitor took his lunch away from him and tossed it out.

"It's degrading to see it in front of your friends, they'd rather throw the food away than have a kid eat it," Mcleod told 11 News.

"I felt angry...embarrassed...nervous," Mcleod's daughter Alysia said about the incident.

Mcleod tells 11 News that besides being humiliating for her children, throwing their lunches out is simply a waste of food.

According to the director of food services for the district, they have to throw the food away because of food safety regulations.

She reiterates what the district spokesperson said, that a reminder was sent out so kids would not have to deal with an awkward situation.

The district spokesperson says parents can set up alerts for updates on how much money is left in their children's accounts.

If you are interested in learning how to do that, contact the district.