Student Reportedly Caught With "Kill List"

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PUEBLO WEST, Colo. Reports that an elementary school student created a "kill list" has parents and students at one southern Colorado school concerned.

The student reportedly was caught with the list Tuesday. It allegedly contains students' names and how the student who created the list wanted to hurt those people.

The administration at Sierra Vista Elementary School in Pueblo West says they are taking this situation very seriously and notified parents with children on the list.

11 News spoke a student who says he's on the list. At first he thought it was funny, but after he saw more of his friends on the list, he was worried for their safety.

The student suspected of creating the list has been suspended for five days while the school investigates. The school district says they want to treat the situation fairly. They're holding a hearing for that student to decide if there needs to be further disciplinary action.

Direction of Student Services for District 70, Greg Keasling, said "There's some question of intent, was it ill intent? Was it a part of an ongoing, some kind of game that the students had going on? All of that will come out at the hearing."

Keasling says counseling is available for students at the school if they need to talk about it.