11 Call For Action: Website Glitch Leaves People Without Health Care Coverage

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If you're one of those who back in December auto-enrolled in Connect For Health--Colorado's health insurance program--you may have been kicked out of the system and not even know it.

The computer glitch has left some people without any insurance coverage right now.

The problem occurred when people went online late last year to look at the various insurance policies available. 11 News has learned that if people didn't click on a certain button while they were online, they may have been kicked out of their current plan.

Connect For Health told 11 News' Betty Sexton not to worry: they're now trying to identify everyone who is impacted. They say once that happens, these people will be connected either by phone or by email, and retroactively enrolled.

They don't know how many people are affected, but say they're working to identify each person and reach out to them.

Bottom line: if you get a letter telling you that you were kicked offline, call Connect For Health Colorado to get re-enrolled. That number is 855-752-6749.