Stalking Charges Against Officer Dropped, But Officer Still Fired From Police Department

Charges have been dropped against Fountain Police Sgt. Dorell Green after allegations he was stalking a female student.

But Green is still out of a job.

Green was arrested late last month on charges of promoting obscenity to a minor and stalking. The alleged victim attends Fountain-Fort Carson High School, where Green was a supervising school resource officer (SRO).

The 4th Judicial District Attorney, Jennifer Viehman says the evidence they have isn't enough for a criminal case. However, the Fountain Police Department still fired Green.

Viehman praised the young girl who had brought the case to their attention.

“I spoke with her and her family yesterday and that’s why I thought it was important for me to relay how strong she was in coming forward with this. How important it was for her to come forward and speak about this. As a young person, the difficulty that it would be to face a person in that place of authority, to come forward and be a voice for other people potentially. For her to have that strength was very commendable," Viehman said.

The case relied heavily on social media conversations. The DA says that was one of the big issues they had making a case.

Another issue was age: the victim was 16, and for Internet luring charges the victim has to be 14 or younger.

The Fountain Police Department put out a statement Thursday:

"The Internal Affairs Administrative Investigation was concluded and forwarded to Fountain Police Chief Chris Heberer. Based on the evidence and supporting documentation it was recommended that Sgt. Green’s employment with the Fountain Police Department be terminated. Chief Heberer approved the recommendation and Sgt. Green’s employment with the Fountain Police Department was terminated on May 8th, 2015 for violations of the Fountain Police Departments Code of Conduct the City of Fountains Policies and Procedures. Dorell Green has the right to appeal this decision based on City Policy."