11 News Learns More About Officer Arrested For Lying

A Springs police officer, arrested on felony charges, has bonded out of jail. The arrest involves two separate cases in which the officer may have lied about about another cop.

Sydney Huffman, 24, was arrested Friday on charges of attempting to influence a public servant. The arrest involves two separate cases, including a domestic violence incident in which Huffman may have lied to investigators when the case was looked into.

11 News has obtained court records that show Huffman was the plaintiff in a restraining order and domestic abuse case. The case involved former Manitou Springs officer Jarrott Martinez, who Huffman later accused of trying to strangle her. Martinez' lawyer maintained that Huffman lied about the incident; Martinez was acquitted of the charges.

11 News spoke with Martinez' attorney, Jordan Factor, on Sunday. He tells 11 News that Jarrott Martinez will be filing a lawsuit against the City of Colorado Springs and Sydney Huffman for “violating his constitutional rights. The police department knew Huffman was making false reports. He was waiting trial in jail for six months on four different sets of false charges,” says Factor. That lawsuit will likely be filed on Wednesday, June 15.

The couple reportedly dated for 5 years and lived together. Martinez’ attorney says Huffman started making allegations against him when she found out he was dating another woman.

Factor tells 11 News that Martinez was fired from his job as a Manitou Springs police officer in May 2010 after Huffman filed a restraining order against him. His attorney says he's unemployed.

CSPD said in a statement that the department began to question Huffman's story after the failed prosecution.

"There's probably not a group of people more disappointed about this outside of any victims than the police department itself. We do want to let the community know that we're going to be honest and transparent," Colorado Springs Sgt. Steve Noblitt said.

CSPD asked the district attorney's office to lead an investigation into possible criminal activity beginning April 21. At this point, formal charges have not been filed, but Huffman was booked Friday into the Criminal Justice Center on a $20,000 bond. CJC records indicate that Huffman has bailed out. At this time, Huffman is on paid administrative leave, but will be suspended without pay once charges are filed.

Prior to the arrest, Huffman boasted an accomplished record in her three-year career as an officer. In 2009, Huffman received the police department's Distinguished Service Award.

At this time, police are releasing few details about the arrest. Huffman is expected in court Monday to face formal charges.

11 News will continue to place calls to CSPD to get further information.