VIDEO: Springs Girl Washes Away Message From Bully In Chalk

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Kamryn Sage may only be 9-years-old but she already understands how serious bullying can be.

"Sometimes it can get so out of hand that (children) don't feel like they have a purpose in this world and they'd like to kill themselves," Sage said.

On Wednesday, Kamryn got out of school in Colorado Springs and was walking to her mother's car when she noticed a message written in chalk with an arrow pointed to a stranger's house. It said, "Mady is a loser."

"I said to myself, 'I need to get that off before she actually sees it'," said Sage.

It didn't take much for Kamryn to make a difference. With a bottle of water and a snow brush she got to work washing away the message. Her mom, Katie, stood by proudly snapping pictures of what her daughter did.

"She was born with this good soul," said Katie. "I've always told her to do what is right whether it's comfortable or uncomfortable."

Turns out the message wasn't from a bully. We found out "Mady" is a 13-year-old girl named Mady Pritchard. Pritchard told us it was just a joke between friends.

When we asked Pritchard what she thought when she heard a 9-year-old girl was looking out for her she said, "I thought it was amazing."

An amazing gesture from a girl working to protect other kids just like her.

"I'm still glad I did it because it still could have been actual bullying," said Kamryn.

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A 9-year-old Springs girl is taking a stance against bullying. She used an ice scraper and a bottle of water to wash away a nasty message written in chalk near her elementary school.

The girl's mom tells 11 News her daughter spotted the message calling someone a "loser" as she got out of school on Wednesday. She said her daughter doesn't even know the person being bullied but she wanted to get rid of it.

The girl told her mother, "Mom, I want to wash it off. That girl should never have to see that. It's stuff like that that makes kids commit suicide. Kids do that you know."

11 News anchor Dianne Derby will be talking to the little girl and her mom on Friday about what they hope others learn from her actions. We'll air that interview on 11 News at 10 on Friday.