Child Found Unconscious In Hot Tub

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A little boy is in a coma after he was reportedly found unconscious in a hot tub over the weekend.

Police tell 11 News the incident happened at the Grand Lodge in Breckenridge, located on 1979 Ski Hill Road. The call came in at 4:15 p.m. Saturday.

Randy Marck, who lives in Pueblo, hasn't left his grandson's side since 5-year-old Jayden Huller was airlifted from Breckenridge to the Children's Hospital in Denver.

Right now, it's unclear why Jayden was in the hot tub, but Marck is certain it was an accident.

"He's curious...I'm guessing he wandered off. I don't know if he fell in or if he climbed in, and I don't know if anyone else knows either."

A portion of the Grand Lodge is under construction, though guests are still staying there. Police say the hot tub was open for use despite the construction.

Jayden's family says the little boy may have suffered permanent damage from the incident. 11 News spoke with his mother, who says he has so much brain damage that if he comes out of the coma he likely will never be able to walk again.

The hospital has confirmed Jayden is in serious condition, but will not say whether or not he is still in a coma.

Marck has a message for other families with small children. He doesn't want any other family to go through this.

"You can't be careful enough with little kids. They're quick. They'll be gone before you know it. They can cover a lot of ground a lot faster than you realize."

Breckenridge police are releasing little information at this time due to the ongoing investigation.