Springs Airport Installing Amnesty Boxes For Pot Surrender

An amnesty box at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Recreational marijuana may now be legal in Colorado, but it's still prohibited at airports.

Wednesday, officials at the Colorado Springs Airport placed amnesty boxes in the airport to help those who may have accidentally brought pot with them, or didn't realize it wasn't allowed at the airport.

Similar to boxes already in place for people to surrender things like lighters, pocket knives and large fluid containers, these boxes will give people carrying pot a chance to turn it in.

It is legal, however, to leave marijuana in your car if parking at the airport. Officials encourage people to leave pot there before going inside the airport.

The Denver International Airport is not doing amnesty boxes.

The ban on pot at the airport applies to both recreational and medical marijuana. If you're caught trying to bring pot onto a plane, whether it be in your pocket, in your carry-on or even in your checked baggage, you could face up to $2,500 in fines and possible jail time.