Parents Worry Drivers Speed Near School

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Parents at one southern Colorado school said drivers speed on North Gate Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

There's a school zone on North Gate Boulevard for Discovery Canyon Campus. It's K-12 school so there are a lot of kids in the area. North Gate is also a major thoroughfare to the interstate and the Air Force Academy.

Christina Foster has a daughter who is a sophomore at the school.

“People just speed through, and sometimes I see kids walking, and it drives me crazy. I wonder why they aren’t slowing down," she told 11 News.

Another mom, Dana Harting, who has a fifth grader daughter at the school said, “What really helps is when the cops come by and they give a ticket.”

Colorado Springs police have issued two speeding tickets in the school zone off North Gate in the past two weeks. The two drivers were going at least 30-39 mph in the school zone.

Parents agree that a police presence helps slow down drivers.

“Once and a while a cop sit there and he just gets everybody and it makes it a lot safer,” said Harting.

When 11 News took out a speed gun, reporter Gina Esposito caught many drivers going more than 30 mph while school zone lights were flashing. North Gate Boulevard was covered in snow at the time, but that didn't slow down drivers.

The city of Colorado Springs said they have done a lot in the past few
years to improve the safety for the students who are walking to school.

Transportation manager with the City of Colorado Springs, Kathleen Krager, has told 11 News in the past that she's aware of the issues.

“We spent a lot of time over the last year [2014] meeting with Discovery Canyon School at North Gate and changing their process on how kids can walk into Discovery Canyon.”

Krgaer said the city added a school zone, and other improvements.

“At Discovery Canyon, we did add a mid-block pedestrian crossing with school flashers. We also signalized some of the intersections in the area to improve vehicular traffic in the area.”

Parents at the school agree that the signs do help slow down drivers.

“They’ve done a good job with having the lights on, I do like having the big cross walk sign, but I don’t think parents are stopping for it necessarily,” said Foster.

Other parents said drivers should know by now that North Gate has a school zone. “You know this is a school campus, there are plenty of signs on North Gate. I think it’s enough. I think people are going to speed if they are going to speed,” said Harting.

Krager said the city is always open to work with schools and parents to make changes.

It's clear that parents care about safety for their children and the safety of other kids.

“I wish parents would slow down and take into considering that there are young kids. This is a K-12 kids. It’s not just high school kids, it's little kids riding their bikes that are walking to school. If that was there kid, they would want parents to slow down. So just think about that.”

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