Special Memento Survived Waldo Canyon Fire

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The Waldo Canyon Fire destroyed several homes in the Mountain Shadows area, but a very special memento survived in the ruins of one home.

An engraving used to adorn the brick wall outside the front door of the George family’s home on Courtney Drive. It reads, “Heart’s keep, through any storm, in any season, I will shelter you.”

The message may seem like sign of hope in the aftermath of the fire disaster, but for the George family it has nothing to do with their home at all. Kerry George says it was a poem her husband wrote and read at their wedding.

Then, when the couple first bought the home in 2000, the engraving was a surprise from her husband.

Kerry and her husband didn’t want to talk about their story, but did say they plan to use the engraving as a cornerstone when they rebuild.