Local Witness Says Plane Was Doing Stunts Before Fatal Crash

Credit: KCNC
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Federal investigators will try to figure out what caused a fiery plane crash south of Aurora that killed the pilot.

The plane crashed on Wednesday at about 5 p.m. in a field near Otero Street and Smokey Hill Road in Douglas County, and a witness captured video of the pilot doing a stunt just before spiraling downwards and crashing.

The crash happened dangerously close to a neighborhood, and it started a small brush fire that officials quickly got under control.

Several witnesses said they saw the plane circling the area and coming close to homes for a while before going down.

“I heard this huge thud. It was like a supersonic blast, and then the earth kind of shook just a little, and I got up and looked out the windows but I couldn’t see a thing,” said Carole Lowe.

Neighbors were first to find the plane, which was on fire after crashing. The wreckage was scattered in all directions and left a visible scar on the ground.

“We have no information at this point (about the pilot) and obviously that will be part of the investigation that will either be (done by) the NTSB or the FAA,” Douglas County Sheriff’s spokesman Ron Hanavan said.

Lowe said one of her neighbors said she thought the plane was going to hit her house.

So far it’s not clear what airport the twin engine plane took off from and whether it had a flight plan.