Sinkhole Forces Closure On Garden Of The Gods

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Update: Crews repaired a water main break on Garden of the Gods Road Sunday night. Repaving is scheduled for Monday night.

One westbound lane of Garden of the Gods remains closed between Northpark Drive and Sinton Monday.

Two westbound lanes will be closed along that stretch starting at 8 p.m. Monday so that crews can repave.

Colorado Springs Utilities says they expect to reopen all lanes by Tuesday morning, hopefully in time for rush hour.

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Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs was shut down for 10 hours Sunday while crews worked to fix a broken water main.

Underneath recently laid asphalt, the water main opened up and created a sinkhole in the middle of the road. It happened Sunday afternoon near the 7-Eleven between Northpark and Sinton.

Colorado Springs Utilities told 11 News a water main break caused the sinkhole. Springs Utilities says it was an older pipe that broke.

Crews worked ahead of schedule to reopen the intersection just before 10 p.m. and planned to have more lanes open by the end of the night.

Crews say it was an 8 inch main that broke. Utilities was worried the water main break would cause problems during the morning rush hour commute.

"It makes it a pain to try to get to your destination, like me and him had to take a detour to get around to get to where we were going," motorcyclist Eric Frymire said.

We talked to another driver who says it was a pretty big hassle.

"We were coming here to SCC a climbing center right here, we were dropping our son off it's the only street to come in here so we had no other choice for us to go anywhere else," driver Asif Hosain said.

Garden of the Gods Road and North Park were closed for about 10 hours.