Sheriff's Office: Home Invasions In Canon City May Be Linked

Deputies believe the same man may be behind two home invasions in Canon City, which occurred within days of each other.

Both times, the suspect was found in the bedroom of the home, after breaking in through an unlocked door.

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office says that Monday night, in the area of South Ash Street and Grand Avenue, a man broke in through the rear door of the home, and was found in the bedroom by the female occupant.

Captain Don Pinover with the sheriff's office tells 11 News that he believes the suspect broke in with the intent of sexually assaulting the woman, but a well-timed phone call scared him. The suspect fled as soon as the phone rang, but did get away with cash and jewelry.

"The…person that has done this to my home, just so you know, I am taking other precautions now so don't come back, just don't,” Tim Bellis, whose wife was the victim, said. “Get out of Canon, just go, and stop what you're doing. It's ridiculous."

Pinover describes the man as 6-foot-1, weighing between 150-160 pounds. He was dressed all in black, and concealed his face with a black hoodie. Pinover says the suspect was armed with a knife. The victim described the man as having a "real foul body odor."

"Just really raggedy and stink...stink, stink, stink,” Bellis said about the suspect.

Around 5:45 a.m. Saturday, a man broke into a home on the 1700 block of Grand. The female occupant awoke to find him standing in her bedroom, and threatened to shoot him. The suspect took off running; the Department of Corrections K-9 unit tried to track him down but were unable to locate him.

Pinover says the sheriff's office does not have a description of the suspect Saturday, except that he was also described as smelling bad. The location and similarities between the two break-ins, as well as the distinct odor that both women noticed on the suspect, has the sheriff's office believing both break-ins were committed by the same person.

"That's very alarming, but a lot of people in this community are armed so I'm going to be ready for him,” Wanda Smith, who lives nearby, said.

The sheriff's office believes the suspect may be homeless. Residents of Canon City are asked to check their sheds, barns and garages to make sure no one has been living inside. Everyone is also advised to ensure their doors are locked.

Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to call the Florence dispatch at 719-784-3411.