Sexting Scandal: It's Bigger Than Just Canon City

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School board members are speaking out about the sexting scandal at Canon City High School.

Last week, it came out that students at Canon City High were taking and sharing naked pictures through secret apps.

Monday night, the school board held their weekly meeting, where they started off by addressing the issue in a written statement.

They say they fully support what the district is doing. They also wanted to point out this is not just a Canon City problem, but a nationwide problem.

They're disappointed that this is gathering so much national attention, but they hope everyone can learn from the situation.

"We hope that this unfortunate situation will shed light on this trend amongst young people; and open the conversation between schools, students, parents and communities about the proper use of technology; as well as the legal and emotion consequences of its misuse," read school board president, Mike Near.

The statement also encouraged parents and students to understand they will get through this.

"We want everyone to know that despite the mistakes that have been made, each child will be loved, cared for and shown respect."

The meeting then went on with its normal business.

I caught up with the superintendent, who tells me other superintendents across Colorado have reached out to him since this scandal first broke. Some offered help, others took notes because they know the same situation could happen at their school.

"I've also appreciated some feedback saying, 'We're watching how you're reacting to this, and maybe we can learn from it, and we appreciate you're being real thoughtful as you go forward,'" said Superintendent George Welsh.

The high school had counselors available Monday for any students who needed them. Those counselors will be available through the entire investigation.

Some Colorado Springs school districts are holding Internet safety seminars this month. District 11 is holding one on at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Mitchell High School. District 20 will be holding its seminar Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 6:30 p.m. It will be at the Education and Administrative Center on Chapel Hills Drive.

Both were planned before the sexting scandal broke out.