Scammers Contact Local Man Through Craigslist

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A local man is fed up with scammers after he tried to sell something online and ended up with several fake checks.

Orlando Huerta, who lives in Pueblo, was trying to sell a piece of artwork on Craigslist for $800.

Days later he received an email from a potential buyer who seemed interested.

"It just said he was interested in it, and wanted to purchase it, and the price was fine for him, and he wanted to send us a check," said Huerta.

Checks started showing up in the mail at Huerta's home.

He received three checks; each was for hundreds of dollars over the asking price.

He was instructed to deposit the checks and the send the extra money back.

"That's too good to be true. Somebody purchase something like that and send you a check and you send them the rest of the money and they're going to send somebody down to get the piece and it just didn't ring with me right," said Huerta.

He took the checks to his bank. The teller made some calls and found out the checks were from real banks, however they were tied to bad accounts that didn't have any money in them.

"It's kind of disappointing that people are doing this on Craigslist," said Huerta. "They could have taken advantage of an older person and they could have cashed these checks and they would have been responsible.

If you are selling something online, consider using an online payment service instead.

However, if you take a check, make sure it's from a local bank or a bank with a local branch so you can go there yourself to make sure the check is valid.

If you ever get a check for more than the amount you've agreed on, then walk away from the deal.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for any checks you deposit.

If have a scam you want our 11 Call For Action Team to investigate, call 719-457-8211.