Javier Abeyta Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Javier Abeyta, the man accused of stabbing his father and then holding police at bay for hours during a standoff, was sentenced in court today, Thursday March 14.

Abeyta was sentenced to two years in prison as a result of his crimes.

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Javier Abeyta, the man accused of stabbing his father and then holding police at bay for hours during a standoff, will be in court today.

You might remember when it happened on the north side of the Springs back in August. We brought it to you as breaking news.

Tear gas and a stun gun didn’t seem to affect Abeyta as he taunted police to shoot him. The four-hour standoff finally ended after authorities tackled him.

Upon arriving at the home on Sunbird Drive, SWAT started banging on the door to get Abeyta to come out, which devolved into a shouting match with Abeyta, according to reporter Patrick Nelson. SWAT would yell to "come out with your hands up," then Abeyta would shout something indecipherable back.

According to Nelson, the standoff escalated dramatically after SWAT broke open the door with a battering ram and sent a robot inside. Nelson says Abeyta came outside, picked up the robot and threw it at authorities, then threw the battering ram.

SWAT continued yelling at Abeyta to "come out with your hands up," prompting Abeyta to emerge from the home to throw another object at tactical units on scene.

Not even gas canister fired into the house convinced the suspect to surrender. Abeyta merely picked the canister up and threw it back at authorities, Nelson said.

Tactical units then started firing gas guns into the garage, where Abeyta stood with a knife. A negotiator with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office hid behind a truck trying to talk Abeyta down. Incredibly, even multiple attempts at using a stun gun were powerless at restraining him: video shows Abeyta pulling the stun gun's electrodes off of him and then resuming yelling at authorities, seemingly unaffected.

The situation began Wednesday night when Abeyta allegedly stabbed his father during an argument. Police say Abeyta punched his mother and was approaching her with a knife when his father stepped in, leading Abeyta to stab him. Both victims sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Abeyta had left the scene by the time officers arrived Wednesday night, but returned to the home on the 2400 block of Sunbird Drive Thursday morning. Sunbird is located near Academy and Vickers.

Neighboring homes were evacuated as a precaution, which is standard procedure in these types of events.

Due to President Obama's visit to Colorado Springs Thursday, all tactical units with the Colorado Springs Police Department were dedicated to the president, necessitating assistance from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. The SWAT team was from the Sheriff's Office.