Robert Dear Tells 11 News He's Been Declared Incompetent

Robert Dear, the man accused in last year's Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, claims he has been declared incompetent to stand trial.

Dear alleges that his lawyers visited him in jail Wednesday and gave him the results of his mental evaluation.

11 News is working to confirm the information he was reportedly told by his lawyers. The district attorney's office is under a gag order in the case and cannot comment.

Dear told 11 News that he does not agree with the findings and he believes he is competent to stand trial. He said he refused to talk to more than one doctor during his evaluation.

For the last few months, court hearings for the Planned Parenthood shooting have been put on hold so Dear could get that evaluation.

"My lawyer just came to the jail and said, 'Look, it says there on that page, Dr. Gray from Pueblo says that he's incompetent to stand trial,'" Dear told 11 News on Wednesday.

He said, as he's insisted in the past, that he is competent and he does want to stand trial.

"I'm for a speedy trial. This will help the victims' families. Everybody deserves to have information about what's going on and what caused these tragic events...but they don't want that to come out because it might embarrass the feds and Obama," Dear said.

11 News spoke to a former prosecutor who said if Dear is not competent to stand trial, having him face the charges in court is not completely off the table.

If Dear is eventually brought back to competency at the mental hospital through treatment, the case would move forward.

Results of Dear's mental health evaluation are expected to be released next Wednesday during a scheduled court hearing.