Roads Near Planned Parenthood Shooting Reopen, Residents Try to Move on

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Residents living near Fillmore and Centennial tried to get back into the swing of things Monday, just three days after a gunman opened fire near a busy shopping center.

Despite their best efforts, some say there's just a different feeling here now.

Debra Mic says the situation is surreal.

"There's a feeling as soon as you pull up here actually, because we realize how sad everything was just a few days ago. And of course it's still sad because a lot of people are still in shock," Mic told 11 News.

"It doesn't really feel...real."

Katie White says she's impressed the way the community has pulled together in this time of need. She told 11 News she still feels safe at the King Soopers and surrounding shopping center, but knows you should always be alert of what's going on around you.

"I think people are a little bit more aware of their surroundings. I think it's brought some attention to paying attention to who's around you and where you are, but I think ultimately this is a really safe community that we live in," White said.

KKTV talked to other shoppers asking if they still felt safe when going to public places like this strip mall. They all said yes, because you can't live your life in fear.

One business near the Centennial Boulevard Planned Parenthood, where Friday's shootout began and ended, told 11 News they were very busy on Monday since they had to push back their Black Friday deals. Unfortunately, for many of the other businesses, they tell us Monday was much slower than normal.

All lanes of Centennial are back open near the scene of the shooting. Officers will still be out there all week as they continue to process the scene.