Real-Life 'Grinch' Committing Christmas-Related Crimes

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A Colorado Springs neighborhood has been hit with a rash of Christmas-related crimes.

"It's just...why? It's for the joy of myself, the joy of my family and friends and people who drive by. How pathetic do you have to be to steal lawn decorations?

Robyn Kirk and her husband are among the victims of a real-life Grinch who seems dead set on stealing Christmas. Every year, the Kirks spend days creating an impressive Christmas display at their home. Flashing lights and a dozen inflatable characters are among the decorations that adorn their front yard.

"The little kids are just ecstatic...all you hear is, 'Wow!'" Kirk said.

But Wednesday in broad daylight, someone stole part of the display right out of the yard.

"The stakes were ripped right out of the ground."

What wasn't stolen, was vandalized.

"Another one has, like, a razor blade sliced through it...they must have tried to get it, got irritated and sliced it wide open," Kirk said.

The Kirks are now worried if the crook or crooks will come back to finish the job. The few untouched decorations still remain in their yard. But if the suspect does return, the Kirks have a message waiting. Written on a sign now standing among the remnants of the display:

Whoever stole and attempted to steal my Christmas decorations, you are a low life with no sense of decency or respect. You have no soul, don't let me catch you low life!!!! You have ruined it for everyone else...low life!

Springs police say the Kirks are not the only victims; others on their street have had their UPS packages stolen right off the doorstep. 11 News has placed a call to the police department to find out how widespread these package thefts are this Christmas season. We'll let you know what we find out.