'Puffing' Prohibited Despite Cold Temps

While temperatures flirt with single and negative digits, the last thing any driver wants to do is climb into a vehicle only a fraction warmer than the outside.

But as tempting as it to warm up your car before you get in, Springs police warn that it makes you an easy target for crooks.

The week before Christmas last year, police reported seven vehicles stolen on one particularly cold day. Five of those vehicles were warming up unattended, or "puffing" as it is often referred.

“I came out, I started my car because it was subzero in the car, and went back in to get some paperwork and grab a few things. Came back out and I looked, and it was gone,” Monique Vollmer told 11 News at the time.

Puffing doesn't just make a vehicle an easy steal for thieves--it's actually illegal in the Springs.

"It is COLD, but don't leave your car running unattended (puffer)," CSPD said in a tweet Wednesday morning. "You could return to a ticket...or a missing car."

Remote starters are allowed as long as there is no key in the ignition.