Puebloans: Where Are the Jobs?

US Congressmen Cory Gardner (4th Congressional District), Scott Tipton (3rd Congressional District), and Doug Lamborn (5th Congressional District) met with Puebloans Thursday to talk about federal issues and answer questions about the local economy.

Hot topics discussed were free trade agreements, health care, alternative energy, manufacturing in America, and how to create more jobs.

Outside the Pueblo Convention Center a number of protesters held their signs up high. Their goal was to deliver the message, “Tax Cuts Don’t Create Jobs.”

“There are several of us that are wearing a sticker that says 10.7.That number represents the unemployment rate here in Pueblo. So several of us have signs and are asking Tipton, where are the jobs,” said Josette Jaramillo, a 3rd District Constituent.

Regina Purcell is part of the Displaced Workers Brigade based in Pueblo. She wanted to ask the congressmen why they aren’t creating more jobs. She is 50 years old and has been out of work for four years. She was currently employed for 30 years, but says she was let go because of her age. “I don’t know what we are going to do. I really don’t. For the first time in my life I’m on food stamps. For the first time in my life I have to get a food basket. I’ve been working in this country as a proud American all my life, and now they are going to take away my social security,” said Purcell.

Purcell says she has moved to three different states looking for jobs. She says that Puebloans want to work, and that Congressmen need to help them find jobs. She adds, “I’ve lost two houses, I’ve lost two homes, full of furniture. And I’ve still plugging away and I don’t see anything happening. I don’t blame the president, I blame Congress 100 percent. I blame our local legislators.”

During the discussion, Congressmen Tipton was asked how budget cuts help create jobs.

“Think of it this way. Are you allowed with your credit card to have unlimited spending? Do you ever have to pay the bill? We all do. And the time has come for the United States to show that same responsibility. That action will get more money back into the private sector and create private sector jobs, create more revenue, and reduce government spending,” said Congressman Tipton.

Action 22, which is a 22 county regional advocacy organization in Colorado, sponsored the event. They hope to hold the Washington Roundup every year.