Pueblo Police: Body Cameras Already Making Impact

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Body cameras on police officers are already making a big impact in one Southern Colorado community.

During the Pueblo Police Department's first week of wearing body cameras, there was a deadly shooting involving several of their officers.

In that incident, police said only one officer had the body camera on. Video from that camera is now part of the case.

The department said because the shooting happened during shift change, several officers rushed to the scene without grabbing their body cams.

At a news conference Wednesday, police said they believe those cameras will transform the way cases are prosecuted.

"William Shakespeare can't write well enough to capture what that video and that picture represents," Deputy Chief Troy Davenport said.

At that news conference, police released a video from an officer wearing the body camera during a staged traffic stop.

Police Chief Luis Velez said the cameras have already put a stop to at least one incident. He said that on the first day of wearing the cameras, a man walked in to complain about how an officer acted. The officer's body cam proved otherwise.

A sergeant talking to the man was able to pull up the video from the officer’s body camera.

“He asked the citizen, 'Tell me where exactly the officer did or said what you told me he did or said.' Of course, as soon as the citizen realized it had been captured on video, he decided to walk away,” Velez said.

More than 100 cameras were issued and every Pueblo patrol officer will be wearing one and recording during their shift.

Fountain police have also already started wearing body cameras.

Both the Colorado Springs Police Department and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office said they are going to start using body cameras in the near future. Right now both agencies are in the process of testing which cameras they like best.