Proposed License Plate Would Honor Fallen Heroes

A petition is circulating Southern Colorado to get a new license plate approved that will honor those killed in the line of duty.

Colorado C.O.P.S. and Larimer County Deputy Basil Marciniak are working together to create a license plate that would honor those fallen heroes we have lost in battle. In order to put the plate into production, they need 3,000 names on a petition.

"How will it work? The plate will be available to anyone wishing to display the rolling memorial. A $50 one time donation would need to be made to Colorado COPS, we will then send out a certificate stating the donation has been made. The certificate can then be taken into the DMV where the plate can be purchased.

Providing help is very easy. Print a copy of the plate design, pamphlet, the petition, and pass it around to your friends, family, and co-workers. Names on the petition need to be printed and legible, home addresses must be used, and the number of plates is the number a person feels they would be interested in purchasing. This is not a firm commitment to purchase but we are trying to get the names of people that will most likely buy the plate. Return the petition to me by the end of February. It's that easy. If someone has questions, feel free to pass on my number and I will take it from there," explains Colorado COPS.

A picture of the license plate, blank petition, and Colorado COPS pamphlet are attached to this story if you'd like to help.