Pro Police Rally Colorado

Folks are saying thanks to the people who protect our community.

Sunday afternoon they held a pro police rally in Acacia Park in Colorado Springs.

Founder, Ron MacLachlan says the idea for Pro Police Rally Colorado started as an attempt to express to his kids the importance of law enforcement in the community.

MacLachlan says the idea is to get people to stand up together for and with local police, sheriff's department and state patrol.

The first rally was at Civic Center Park in Denver in July - It inspired MacLachlan to begin a series of these rallies around the state.

He says parenting is leading by example and we need to be teaching our youth something positive.

He hopes this movement throughout the state will be an example for other states as well.

"Either way they've got to stand up for us and that's their job. It's a very selfless job. To throw these people under the bus is not helpful for our society, not for them, not for anybody,” MacLachlan said.