School makes changes after massive brawl

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Harrison school district two is making changes after an argument escalated into multiple fights at Sierra High School last week. The district said it wants to help students make good choices, according to the Gazette.

Students who were involved in the fight have not yet been allowed to return to school. Principal Aaron Griffen told the Gazette that some students will be expelled.

Other will have to go through a mandatory "re-entry" restorative justice program. The Gazette reports that parents will also be required to participate.

Other changes include: two full time school resource officers. A third officer will be at the school this week only. Security officers and a district officer will also be added.

The number of students in lunch periods will be reduced.

A social worker will be on campus more often.

An advisory council that includes parents has been formed.

Parents are also being asked to take an active part in the school, including extra curricular activities, parent-teacher conferences and monitoring their children's social media use.

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A large fight at a Colorado Springs high school may result in disturbance charges for the students involved. 21 students were detained by police.

11 News has learned Colorado Springs Police was planning to add another school resource officer to the Sierra High School campus in a couple of weeks. However, in light of what happened Wednesday, we're told that officer will be starting his duties Thursday.

The students involved in the fight, which started in the Sierra High School cafeteria before spilling over into other areas of campus.

“We all got shifted outside, and then there were fights happening outside, so we got shifted back in,” student Jahune Valentine said. “Then more fights happened, so we moved to the gym."

Initially, school resource officers on campus dealt with the situation, but as the fights escalated, the Colorado Springs Police Department's Tactical Unit responded to the scene.

“I think it was just people having beef with other people and stupidly taking it out in school," student Jamela Hawthorne said.

A spokesperson with CSPD said faculty at the school may have been assaulted. Students told 11 News, they saw teachers being hit during the fight. The investigation is still ongoing.

Wednesday night, school resource officers, and the officers who responded to the fight, gathered at the school to continue the investigation. They also discussed what happened, and made the decision to have the other resource officer start a couple weeks early.

Some students were detained, and officers are trying to figure out who will face charges. Police are also trying to work out whether or not the fight was gang-related.

Some parents we talked to are concerned about sending their kids back to school Thursday morning.

"Honestly am, I mean, she's never seen anything like that and then to see that happen today, it just kind of shook me up a little bit,” parent Veronica Galena said.

The school went on lockout status as a response to the fight. Parents who were already on campus were able to pick up their children at the school flagpole.