Planned Parenthood Suspect Appears Before Judge

The suspected Planned Parenthood shooter will not be getting out of jail for now.

Robert Dear, 57, had his first court hearing Monday through a video feed in the El Paso County jail. He's being held with no bond because of the first-degree murder charge against him.

Dear was quiet during the hearing, only answering the judge after being asked if he understood his rights.

"No questions," Dear said.

He was wearing a special vest usually given to inmates considered at risk for harming themselves. He looked down most of the hearing.

Victims' family members were in a courtroom watching the video hearing.

Ke'Arre Stewart's family has told 11 News that they want justice.

"The guy didn't know him, he didn't know the guy. I forgive him though," said Leyonte Chandler, Stewart's brother.

If convicted, Dear could face a minimum sentence of life in prison or a maximum sentence of the death penalty.

The 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office said that will be something they'll decide after a future hearing.

"The district attorney's office has nine weeks or 63 days (after an arraignment hearing) to decide whether we will seek the death penalty or not," said Dan May, the 4th Judicial district attorney.

U.S. Attorney John Walsh says officials could also pursue federal charges in addition to charges brought by the state. He says investigators have been in touch with the Justice Department's Civil Rights and National Security divisions.

A judge sealed the arrest warrant and a warrant for Dear's home. Investigators have not released an official motive for the shooting.

Dear's next court hearing is December 9. That hearing will be the formal filing of charges.