Pilot Walks Away Unharmed After Plane Crashes Into Colo. Home

Credit: KCNC

A plane nearly severed a house in half after it crashed in a residential area Monday and exploded in flames. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured.

The story might have been different had the plane crash happened at a different time of day, but when the single-engine plane suffered a mechanical problem at 3:45 p.m. Monday and was forced to land, no one was at home.

The plane was pulling a Geico Insurance banner over the Denver suburb of Northglenn when the mechanical issues started. Sister station KCNC says the pilot cut the banner loose and attempted to land in a field, but crashed into a house instead.

Before neighbors' disbelieving eyes, the pilot climbed out with just a few cuts to his face.

"It [the plane] just exploded so fast," next door neighbor Lydia Chavez told KCNC. "I don't know how he got out."

Another witness said the pilot calmly walked out of the home and grabbed a garden hose to try and put the fire out.

“The entire staircase where he was crouched down was totally on fire,” Christopher Hoy told KCNC.

The fire to the wreckage and the fire to the home were both put out quickly. First responders tried to take the pilot to the hospital, but he said he was fine and opted to go the police station instead so that he could file a report. KCNC says he spent hours at the police station, but it's unknown if he'll face charges.

For their part, Northglenn police say it was "nothing short of a miracle" that the pilot walked away from the crash.