Olympic Medalist Fondly Remembers Fallen Officer

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A well-known figure skater says she fondly remembers the officer who tried to help fellow police under fire Friday at a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Officer Garrett Swasey was killed in the shooting. Nancy Kerrigan remembers Swasey as not just a fellow skater but a friend.

Kerrigan was fighting back tears as she tried to digest the news.
Swasey was a long-time friend and training partner of Kerrigan’s. She says Swasey’s father called her personally to tell her what happened. "David called me a couple hours before the news last night so I didn't have to hear or read the news," Kerrigan says. She says Swasey’s father, with whom she still keeps in touch, reached out to her hours after the shooting. Kerrigan also says his parents profoundly devastated.

The former Olympian recalls a relationship akin to siblings. She says they spent everyday together at the rink and with each other's families. "David Swasey picked me up at school every day in high school and drove me to the ice rink whether Garret was coming with us or sick and not going for some reason," Kerrigan says.

Swasey started as a singles skater. He later transitioned into ice dancing. He worked with three different partners over his career. In 1992, he won the Junior National Championship with Christine Fowler-Binder.

"I kind of was pushing him probably over the edge at times and he always had the patience, calm me down and you know we worked together" Fowler-Binder says.