Officer Garrett Swasey's Family Shares Loving Words at Funeral

Officer Swasey's family shared loving words and thanked the community for their kindness, love and compassion.

The funeral was held at New Life Church.

Officer Swasey's nephew said he’s going to change last Friday from Black Friday to Blue Friday. Because as a man of faith, Garrett Swasey never hesitated protecting other people's lives.

It was emotional as Officer Swasey's family took the podium.

His big sister Kim says she's forever grateful for the time they spent together, and the relationship that lasted into adulthood.

She says she could not have asked for a better mentor.

"Famous grin, and say 'Guys, I'm no hero, I got the call and I answered it, it's as simple as that.' No hesitation,” Kim Noveletsky said.

Swasey's wife Rachel started off by saying she has been more overwhelmed this week by love than by sadness.

She say Garrett was prepared to do good things because he put his faith in the Lord.

"The love of my life gave his life without regret, to be sure that others would live,” Rachel Swasey said.

Rachel Swasey says her husband left his legacy to the world in two words: Elijah and Faith, the names of their son and daughter and a reflection about how important religion was to this father and pastor.