Nurse Works To Find Closure After Deadly Shooting

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The community continues to come together to honor the victims, their families and Planned Parenthood as they work through this difficult time.

On Saturday, a vigil was held for the victims and Planned Parenthood at the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. It's a church near downtown Colorado Springs.

11 News talked with Debbie Avery as she was wiping tears from her eyes. She was writing a letter to the victims. Avery, who is a nurse at Penrose Hospital, said she attended the vigil to find closure to the horrific shooting that happened the day before.

Avery was on duty the day the shooting happened.

Gina Esposito: “Did you help any of the victims?”
Avery: “I did.”

For privacy reason, Avery couldn't say who she helped, but said they were loved.

“They were well cared for and we proud to care for them. It was an honor,” she said.

Many people in the community came together to do the same. Key leaders spoke, held hands, hugged, cried and sang.

Leslie Herod spoke at the vigil. She was across the street at the VA Hospital with her mom when she heard the gun shots down the street at the Planned Parenthood Building. She said it's important for the community to come together.

"We heal when we pray together, and that's why we need to work together to grieve the victims and to stand with the folks who did survive, but will have scars so much longer," she said.

So many people came together find peace to a tragedy that still has so many unanswered questions.

“I just don’t understand the level of hatred that some people hold inside them. I just can’t understand that. It’s very hard,” said Avery.

For Avery, a simple letter is her way to showing the victims that everyone loves them.

“I want them to know that we love them and we are here to support them and we thank them for their service, and the innocent people who were there, we love them too. And we are so sorry that this happened to them in our community,” she said.

The church collected letters for the victims and Planned Parenthood.

On Saturday, Penrose-St. Francis Heath Services posted a picture of their medical staff on its Facebook page.

The post said:

"Sharing this from one of our Emergency Managers from yesterday's events... "Thankful for this great team today during this tragedy in our community. The entire team of Penrose hospital including Trauma team- ED- OR - ICU -Security- marketing department - housekeeping and administration did an amazing job dealing with this emotional crisis. Prayers and condolences to our community and the victims' families. Thankful for CSPD and first responders. To all the extra staff that came into help today, Thank you for your great team work and dedication to our patients and our community."