New Information From Phone Call Made By Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect

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You saw it first on 11 News: the man accused of opening fire at a Planned Parenthood is speaking out. We first told you Wednesday night that Robert Dear called our sister station in Denver, CBS 4. Now, we have new information from that phone call.

11 News reporter Katie Pelton sat down with a local attorney to talk about how Dear’s behavior could affect the case.

In his phone call to CBS 4, Dear claims he was followed by the FBI for years, including the day of the shooting.

“When I got to Planned Parenthood, when I busted in that door on the side, all the people were gone so they had been tipped off by the FBI or somebody. All the employees had gotten out the back,” said Dear.

Why Planned Parenthood?

“They got 4,000 babies get aborted every day. I guarantee you they had a lot of cancellations and I might have saved a thousand,” said Dear.

No apologies given.

“Apologies, no, I say that they are going to execute me, that will be apology enough,” said Dear.

We asked a local attorney how this will affect his case.

"He's trying to set up a story of what was going on that day but I don't see how it's really relevant with regard to what he did,” said David Webster, managing partner of the Law Firm of Jaray & Webster.

11 News: “What are some of the complications with prosecuting Robert Dear?”
Webster: "I think the biggest complication that is inherent in this case is the mental health defense, the potential mental health defense or the potential competency issue."

Dear is waiting for a competency evaluation.

If this case ever does go to trial, Webster says he expects it to take at least three weeks. He said any way you look at it, this is a tough case because there’s so much evidence involved.

Dear will be back in court next month. We’ll let you know what happens.